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Ashraya Charity is Social Welfare Organization striving for the upliftment of the poor, down trodden, and under privileged in the society irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Its message of love and kindness kindles hope in the desperate minds of the society.

Ashraya Charity was founded by Mr. N. Ravindran. He was born at Amanakara, Kottayam. During his childhood he was hardly struggling due to poverty. Due to this he didn't got a good education and even not a good dress or food. This made him to study the lessons of life in his childhood and made him to live independent.By God's grace he joined Indian Army and got a better life. He watched, saw, touched and experienced the pain, agony, sorrow and loneliness of poor people. The fruit of his sufferings paved the way to the formation of AshrayaCharity its Activities.

Ashraya Charity has been emitting its light and helping the needy people since its inception in 2010. All these years, it has been extending its tentacles into various fields like the Education, Medical Help, Food and Clothings, Orphanages / Poor Homes, Awareness Programmes.

  • To provide financial aid for educating the children of economically backward families.
  • To extend scholarship facilities for the higher education of those children who excel in their studies.
  • To adopt the homeless children and extend all support for their education.
  • To build housing facilities for homeless children and rehabilitate them.
  • To protect and safeguard the health and safety needs of children.
Medical Treatment
  • To extend financial aid to poor people for their medical treatment.
  • To provide all possible financial help to those people suffering from deadly diseases (surgery, organ transplantation etc).
  • To organise free medical camps for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  • To provide financial support for building houses for the homeless.
  • To construct rehabilitation centres, old age homes, hostels and other establishments for the relief of the needy and unprivileged people.
  • To organise various camps and programmes to create public awareness on issues pertaining to health, education, law, environmental pollution and natural calamities.
  • To organise various social and cultural programmes for educating the public.